We buy as well as sell! Want a price for your collection? Get in touch!

Football shirts can be amazing things, but sometimes part of a collection needs to be sold. Whether it's because you want to use your shirts to buy something we've got on the site, you've decided to take your collection in a different direction or you've just got bills to pay, we might be able to help.

Fill in the form below with as much information as you can. Let us know whether you're interested in part-exchange/store credit (you'll get more from us if you go this route) or just the money. 

If you've got a bigger collection of shirts you want to sell, let us know and we'll discuss terms to handle the sales for you in exchange for a percentage of the sale price. Why go through the hassle of listing dozens of items individually when you can post everything you've got in one go and let us do all the work? 

Whatever your situation, get in touch to discuss how we can find loving homes for those football shirts at the back of your wardrobe and money into your pocket!

Tips for selling!

A rough list of what you have and what you want is an easy starting point. We want to know if you're selling 10 shirts or 100 shirts, what era they're from and roughly the condition they're in. After that initial information, we can get down into the nitty gritty.

As a general rule, unless you want to part exchange your shirt against something on the site, it's difficult for us to offer a fair price for a single shirt. We'll make an offer, but bundles are easier to work with!

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