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Simply put, we love football shirts!

At Football Kit Market we take pride in providing our customers with genuine football shirts at some of the very best prices available while providing superb service. Our customers love the purchases they’ve made, including the fun extras they receive in every package as well as their newest shirt.

Football Kit Market has grown into an established and thriving business with customers and sellers around the world. We will always be a family business though, and we are incredibly grateful for the people who have helped us reach the position we’re at now. We’ve worked hard to make a base to grow from and develop our reputation as a solid and reliable company.

Getting through 2020 was a challenge for everyone and for our founder Alan it meant changing plans from travelling the world to work on events such as Euro 2020, and the Olympics, to suddenly having much less to do as things got cancelled.


It wasn’t the year he expected, but it gave him time to concentrate on getting some great stock and move towards launching the business  website. Working with his sister Lauren, it allowed Football Kit Market to move from being a great idea to a fully operational business.

If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to get in touch through the contact page or via social media.


We love hearing from you and look forward to helping you out!

Alan, Lauren and Andrew

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